Jessica Thivenin panks when she cries “it’s fashion”!


On social media, Jessica Thivenin said she was very worried about her son. So she took him to the doctor! Jessica Thivenin’s son has been crying a lot lately. Something that worries him a lot. She therefore spoke on Snapchat.

Since becoming a mother, Jessica Thivenin has been a fulfilled woman. It must be said that her little piece of cabbage fills her with happiness.

Only then, she’s very worried about him. Maylone has had a lot of health issues since birth.

Very serious problems which therefore involved several trips back and forth between hospitals and their homes. Fortunately, everything is going very well today.

The little boy is even growing very quickly, and very well. His parents are very proud of him. However, Jessica Thivenin is still worried.

This morning, she said she was going to the doctor because her son’s behavior worries her a lot.


Indeed, Maylone has a tendency to scream for a few days. Jessica Thivenin spoke about it on her Snapchat account:

“We’re going to see the doctor to check his ears. Because he screamed last night again (…) My son screams when I put him in his bed. And even though I sit next to it, he screams anyway. He only wants the arms. ”

“It’s been the new fashion since my birthday. So we have to wait until he falls asleep in his arms or in bed with us … And then we have to put him back in his bed. So it’s complicated ”.

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“And in the end, the doctor said everything was fine. He even drilled his molars at the bottom. And he also did the second flu shot. ”

Jessica Thivenin is therefore very reassuring: “So for the ears everything is fine, but we continue to find out why he cries like that at night. We will end up finding eh! “


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