Jessica Thivenin panic: Maylone makes him a big fright!


On October 7th, Jessica Thivenin gave birth to a baby boy. The starlet had a complicated pregnancy since she was bedridden. Then, she could not enjoy the birth of her son. Indeed, the baby had a malformation and he had to have an emergency operation. Nevertheless, today it is much better and Maylone is the happiness of the small family.

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia saw their lives change after the arrival of the little Maylone. Indeed, the baby does not sleep and the couple gets up to take care of him. Nevertheless, for several days, the couple is very vigilant. Indeed, the baby has a tendency to choke while drinking his milk. The starlet brought her son to the pediatrician but it seems that he continues to choke!

Early in the morning, Maylone wanted to scare Jessica Thivenin. Indeed, the star gave the bottle to his son and he was very hungry. So the baby drank too fast and he ended up choking. Jessica Thivenin was very scared for him because he became all blue! “You do not know what Maylone did to me this morning. (…) He scared me because he drank like crazy but too fast. After he shouted because he wanted it then I gave him back. And there, he chokes and he made the same blow as the other time. It becomes all blue, purple and then it becomes transparent white again. After that, I kept him for hours against me and he is good but I do not like him when he does this to me. Jessica Thivenin said on Snapchat.

The baby has finally calmed down but Jessica Thivenin is still very scared for Maylone. Nevertheless, she is reluctant to bring her son back to the pediatrician because the hospital showed him how to manage the choking of his son. In any case, the star is very careful with him and she does not hesitate to put a mask when she is at his side. Indeed, for several days, she is sick and she does not want to give her her microbes.


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