Jessica Thivenin mother of little Maylone: the father of Thibault gives news!


On his Instagram account, Thibault Garcia’s father gave “news” about Jessica Thivenin and their little Maylone.Less than a week ago, Jessica Thivenin finally became a mother. However, his happiness is not yet assured because his little Maylone must undergo surgery due to a health concern.

Since this announcement, the young mother and Thibault could not give news. We are all waiting and hope that the child is well.

Jessica Thivenin’s stepfather just gave some “news” about it. News may be a bit harder because Thibault’s father just posted a photo with his other son, Quentin, and his daughter-in-law. All this, accompanied by the following legend: “Good evening to all from grandpa, uncle and tata Julie. ”

Jessica Thivenin’s father-in-law saying he’s a grandpa, and the smile on the face of Thibault’s brother, let us hope that Maylone is doing well. We hope to hear from you soon enough, so we can reassure ourselves for good.


Another person should give us news soon enough. This is Carla Moreau. The young woman, mom for 10 days, probably knows more than others what lives Jessica Thivenin. That’s why she was letting her fan fans know that she was hearing from her every day:

“I take news daily. This is my friend. She’s our friend with Kevin. What happens to him affects us even more. Because we have just been parents. It may move me even more since I have been a mother for ten days. I also support him. I bring him all my love. I have Jessica (Thivenin) every day on the phone. ”

For now, she also has not been able to give additional information about Maylone’s health. It will be necessary to wait a few more hours before knowing how to wear the end of cabbage.


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