Jessica Thivenin mom: she reveals her new size of jeans!


More than a month ago, Jessica Thivenin became the happy mother of the lovely Maylone. A wonderful moment for the young woman and her darling Thibault, despite some problems at birth. Today everything is better and the couple enjoys their son. But by becoming a mother, the pretty blonde realizes that she no longer had her perfect figure. Pregnancy and childbirth often cause a woman to become slightly “fattened” and women may have trouble getting into jeans before they are pregnant.

So it is probably not Jessica Thivenin who will say the opposite. Although she has already lost a lot of weight, her stomach does not reduce as she would like. That’s why Maylone’s mother was “forced” to buy jeans. History to be able to enter a size that corresponds to it.

A few hours ago, she made it known that she had bought several jeans in size 38. Because yes, Jessica Thivenin must now wear 38. Nothing shocking for a woman who has just become a mother. She does not seem depressed despite the fact that she had to buy a size over what she usually wears. Indeed, she just showed her fans that she was very well in pants larger than what she wore before the arrival of her son.

It may not be that bad anymore that Jessica Thivenin says she is now wearing 38. Often, fans of reality TV candidates want to look like some who have perfect bodies. Nobody imagines that a candidate can wear jeans in size over a 34 or 36. Yet, the darling Thibault proves it well.

Moreover, Jessica Thivenin seems very happy with her purchases as she said on Snapchat: “Well, here’s the last time I told you that I had bought jeans. I put my 38 today, I’m too good in it. I bought 38 … That’s it we took a size. But frankly it does not bother me. Eh I am better in this size. ”

We are delighted to see Jessica Thivenin happy, despite the fact that she had to buy an above average jean size.


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