Jessica Thivenin: Maylone’s getting more autonomous!


Jessica Thivenin can’t believe it! His little Maylone now knows how to play alone like a grown-up, and is even becoming very independent!

Jessica Thivenin is a fulfilled mom! Indeed, the star is very happy to see Maylone grow up over the months. And little boy is already very awake! Quickly discover the secrets of the star!

Since the birth of her son, Jessica Thivenin loves to tell about her misadventures on the web. Indeed, the star can’t help but open up about her new life as a mom.

The it girl has gotten into the habit of filming her son to show off all his exploits! The little piece of cabbage is therefore a real star on social networks!

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia’s son is growing at breakneck speed! Indeed, the little blond can now walk on his own, and wants to manage like a grown-up!

For several weeks now, Maylone has been able to play without the help of his parents. And the least we can say is that toddlers love to be independent!

Indeed, Jessica explained that her son loved to play ball and walk around the house without her. A big step for the star who is therefore very moved to see him evolve!


Yesterday, Jessica Thivenin filmed her little boy playing in the house. She explains, “I love to see him play! Now it’s fall! I just have to close everything in the house, put the caches taken, and take care of everything ”

“I can let him wander, I can even do something else without looking at him all the time. Before, he was in our arms all the time, now he walks by himself! “.

No doubt, the life of the small family has changed a lot! Nevertheless, Jessica Thivenin must now redouble her efforts to prevent her son from breaking everything behind her back!