Jessica Thivenin: Maylone is already a huge football fan!


Jessica Thivenin starts a day like any other. But Maylone decided he wanted to play ball indoors. Upon waking up, Jessica Thivenin’s son Maylone is in great shape. He wants to play ball directly. Is he already a big football fan? In any case, his attraction to balls is true. But something worries him. Where’s her daddy?

So Maylone is having fun pushing the ball around the living room. But his mom doesn’t see him the same way. It must be said that it is easy to break everything when playing indoors. Especially since a lot of things are fragile in their home.

But the little boy is concentrating on something else: where is daddy? He looks for him everywhere. Jessica Thivenin then guides him through the house. Because her daddy is still in bed! So he comes to give her a morning hug for his greatest happiness.

But after these outbursts of affection we’ll have to do something less pleasant: change the diaper. Apparently the little boy needs it. So his mom takes him out of the bedroom to take him to change in the bathroom.


Once the constraints are met, we assume that Maylone will be able to recover his ball. Well, this time we will have to play outside so as not to stress his mother. But it’s his father who must be proud that his little boy is already starting to hit the ball.

In any case, for the parents it’s an afternoon outing. They both pick up the golf cart and leave. But this one is in a bad state. So, Jessica Thivenin announces: she will have to be washed.

It is true that a wipe of the cloth would not be refused. There is dust all over the place. We do not yet know what the couple will do but we should soon find out. Jessica Thivenin tell us soon!


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