Jessica Thivenin: Little Maylone is a sneaker fan!


Jessica Thivenin is the mother of a little boy. Maylone already seems to have style and is a fan of sneakers!

Jessica Thivenin is the mother of a little boy over a year old. Maylone already has a lot of style and has worn some really nice sneakers on Instagram.

Jessica Thivenin is a gaga mom. The reality TV star and Thibault Garcia have been in a relationship for several years. The two stars had a child more than a year ago and Maylone is a happy family.

Still, the couple had to face many hardships when the baby was born. Indeed, Maylone frightened her parents a lot of times and had to be hospitalized due to a deformity.

However, the little boy is doing much better and growing up like all children his age. The worries seem far behind Jessica Thivenin, who takes great care of her son. Thus, she takes care of her education and does everything to be an exemplary mother.

Nevertheless, at the height of his one year, Maylone already seems to have style. In addition to always being well dressed, Jessica and Thibault’s son loves sneakers.


Jessica Thivenin put down her luggage several days ago in France. The star is very happy to be with her loved ones for the holiday season. Then, it allows his family and Thibault’s family to be able to see Maylone.

Maylone also seems rotten spoiled by those close to him as Christmas approaches. Indeed, his uncle bought him a very nice pair of sneakers from Nike. They look a lot like Thibault Garcia’s and the child is a fan of them!

“Uncle he gave you the shoes. Their shoes are beautiful, just like daddy, ”she said on Instagram. Maylone wears pretty much the same sneakers as Thibault Garcia. Thus, the little boy is already copying his dad’s style and the sneakers suit him wonderfully.

Thus, the son of Jessica Thivenin already receives some gifts before the arrival of Santa Claus. He already seems well surrounded for the holidays and will be able to wear his beautiful shoes for Christmas Eve.


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