Jessica Thivenin likens her son Maylone to “thumb”!


Jessica Thivenin is very stunned by the size of her son. She even compared Maylone to a “long thumb”! It’s a little over a year since Jessica Thivenin became the mother of little Maylone. And unfortunately, things weren’t always easy.

And for good reason ! The little cabbage had several health problems. He even underwent several surgeries. A hard blow for her parents who suffered a lot!

Fortunately, the little boy is doing a lot better today. It even grows very fast! And very good! So much so that it even surprises her mother!

Jessica Thivenin is amazed at the size of her son. And more particularly by the length of her body. Maylone is no longer a baby! He walks, he runs, he eats as he pleases, and he begins to speak.

While she was on her couch with her husband, so she spoke on her Snapchat account. When the blond was playing with her father, she filmed her waist.


Jessica Thivenin then declared: “I am shocked at the length of her body. It is long ! How long is it! Looks like a long inch!

But the reality TV contestant is reassured: “My life is still a baby!” ”

One thing is certain, the young woman is very proud of her son. She says it very often on social networks! She also confides that her son is intelligent and wide awake for his age.

It understands absolutely everything! In fact, as Noel approaches, she teaches him not to touch the decorations. It’s not won yet, but Jessica Thivenin believes it hard!

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