Jessica Thivenin is motivated to keep up with her decisions!


For the year 2021, Jessica Thivenin has decided to keep her good resolutions! So that’s what she announced!

This year, Jessica Thivenin seems more motivated than ever to keep her good resolutions in 2021!

It’s the new year, and Jessica Thivenin is already very motivated to keep her good resolutions in 2021! So that’s what she announced on her Snapchat account.

This year, Jessica Thivenin decided to quit smoking. She has been smoke free for two days now! She then confided:

“Otherwise, resolutions that are going well for now. I didn’t smoke yesterday or today. Okay yesterday was the day after New Years, so we had a party. So we sent each other some big mac do’s and whatever … ”

We therefore hope that the young mother will be able to maintain this resolution! And we don’t doubt it! Because Jessica Thivenin has always done everything to follow her desires!

After giving life to Maylone, she decided to take charge of herself. A few months after giving birth, she already had a very pretty body!


And for good reason ! So she decided to eat a very strict diet and exercise a lot. Obviously, the results paid off! And she was very proud of it.

And that’s not all ! The young mother is also very proud of her son! Today, she even announced good news for the year 2021.

Maylone no longer screams before sleeping. This worried her a lot because she didn’t think it was normal for him to be so loud before bed.

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“That’s it, he doesn’t do it anymore! It’s over, it’s over. I was told what to do. So it’s okay, I touch wood! ”

One thing is certain, the fans of Jessica Thivenin are really looking forward to seeing her again in the next season of the Marseillais!


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