Jessica Thivenin is increasingly afraid of aging “Hot”!


Jessica Thivenin will soon be 31 years old. Maylone’s mom is stressed about getting older and opened up on social media.

Jessica Thivenin pays close attention to her image. Thibault Garcia’s wife will soon be celebrating her birthday and is stressed out about getting old.

Jessica Thivenin and Thilbault Garcia have been in a relationship for several years. The reality TV starlet and her dog live in Dubai and had a child over a year ago. Little Maylone is the delight of the family and everyone’s crush.

The birth of the baby was not easy, however, and Jessica feared losing Maylone several times. However, today he is much better and growing like all children his age. For her part, the 30-year-old star is more comfortable in her role as a mom.

Thus, after the birth of her son, Jessica Thivenin returned to sport and very quickly lost all of her pregnancy pounds. She feels a little self-conscious and decided a few weeks ago to have more buttocks thanks to cosmetic surgery.

The starlet loves her new body and doesn’t hesitate to show off on social media. Still, Maylone’s mom doesn’t see the years go by and worries about getting old.


Jessica Thivenin is back in France with Thibault Garcia and Maylone to celebrate the end of the year. The starlet is very happy to be able to meet again with family. Then, she rejoices to be surrounded by her loved ones as Christmas approaches.

However, she also knows that in a few days she will be 31 years old. This seems to bother her a lot and she admits that she does not feel comfortable getting older. “31 is hot anyway,” she said on Instagram.

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“When you are 18, you say to yourself, the 20. When you are 20, you say to yourself, there will be 30. It’s a bar for 30 years anyway. But, when you start doing 3 + 1 or 3 + 2 and one day I’m going to get to 40, I say to myself… but no, I can’t get to 40, “she added.

Thus, Jessica Thivenin does not see herself at all being 40 “one day”. Life is racing by and Maylone’s mom is realizing all the more now that she has a child.


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