Jessica Thivenin is in Marseillais Nin next season!


This year, the new season of Marseillais Vs Le Reste du Monde announces heavy! Indeed, get ready for an explosive casting!

Nehuda and Ricardo are going to enter the villa. A great first since their last adventure in the Angels. Internet users can not wait to see them again.

The same goes for Mélanie Da Cruz, who didn’t get along very well with the couple. So will there be clashes between the parents?

One thing is certain! Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jessica Thivenin. Eh yes ! Maylone’s mother will also be there!

She is very happy to have resumed filming. He had missed it a lot. She therefore confided on the subject to our colleagues at Télé Star:

“I was so happy to be back after a year and a half hiatus. I had one of my best adventures! At one point, I got tired of everything that was reality TV. I wasn’t too into it anymore. I needed to rebuild myself on the outside. ”


And good news! Jessica Thivenin is here for good: “I’m back for good. Unless one of these days I have a problem with my child. There, I will take my distance while everything goes well. In fact, I keep going as long as I want most. ”

Although she didn’t embrace her attitude so much in her debut, Jessica Thivenin was still very proud of herself. She then continues:

” My God ! But what an old cagole! A horror, I’m ashamed … Well, I assume anyway because it’s me but hey … When I see myself screaming like a fishmonger with my hair bleached to my feet, what a horror! “.

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“But I’m proud of my background too. So that made me what I have become and that made people become attached to me. “


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