Jessica Thivenin is hesitant to plant the Christmas tree!


The month of December is approaching and Jessica Thivenin is already thinking about Christmas decorations. The star doesn’t want to make a tree because of Maylone.

Jessica Thivenin is still worried about her son Maylone. The star is very hesitant to make a Christmas tree and confided in her fans.

Over a year ago, Jessica Thivenin gave birth to a baby boy, Maylone. The reality TV star did not have an easy pregnancy and was very worried about her son. Indeed, the baby had to be operated from birth and caused great fright to her parents.

However, the starlet and Thibault Garcia feel a little more reassured and their son is growing up well. In fact, a few weeks ago, the child blew out her first candle. Jessica’s loved ones were present for this very special occasion.

Then, a few days later, Maylone took her first steps and this moved Jessica Thivenin a lot. However, now that Maylone is walking, she has to keep an eye on him even more. Indeed, the child plays with everything he finds and does some silly things.

The starlet is having a hard time dealing with the one-year-old. So, she is already worried about Christmas and wonders how her tree will hold up against Maylone.


Jessica Thivenin is already thinking about Christmas and wants to put her tree in her villa in the days to come. Still, she wonders if it’s a good idea to put up decorations because of her son Maylone. Her child only makes three apples, but already destroys everything!

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“I’ll have to put my Christmas tree on soon, since it’s mid-November and I like to take advantage of it. But on the one hand I’m thinking, Maylone he’s going to destroy him. He will burst it, the tree will last 1 minute. “, She confided on Instagram.

However, it is out of the question for Jessica Thivenin to celebrate Christmas without a tree. So she didn’t hesitate to ask her fans how to keep the Christmas tree in place in front of her child. It seems that she feels completely helpless in the face of the situation …

“But, I have to make a tree, I can’t help making a tree. How are you doing? »She confided. The end of the year holiday season is already shaping up to be very stressful for the new mother!


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