Jessica Thivenin is happy to play with her son Maylone!


Jessica Thivenin has a passion in life: to play with her son Maylone. She loves spending special moments with him during the day.

When you’re a mom, you love spending time with your children. And this is the case of Jessica Thivenin who is having a blast spending the day playing with her son Maylone. The little boy is walking now and he is becoming more and more independent.

A few days ago, the young mother was asking herself a question: are we making the Christmas tree? For the dilemma was this: She was afraid that her son Maylone would destroy all the lower branches. So she hesitated to do so only to see it destroyed in a few days.

But Jessica Thivenin loves Christmas, so she decides to make her Christmas tree with her husband and son. And it is huge! On his last Instagram photo, we can see the photo of the little family. We hope that this beautiful tree will hold up! Otherwise, the mother will remove the balls from the lower branches.

But aside from that, Maylone is still a nice boy. He loves to play with his mom. So, the young woman shows it in story. She is in the park with her son. He takes a car and she tells him “go give it to daddy, he’s sleeping, darling loves us, plays with us there”.


In addition, Jessica Thivenin leaves the door to the staircase of their house open. So the little boy decides to climb all the stairs. He is very proud of himself and his mom with it. She loves to see how her son is growing day after day.

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All the afternoons are devoted to him. So the last time, Jessica Thivenin improvised a plastic ball fight with her husband and her son. In short, the small family enjoys the time spent together.

All is well for the young woman who benefits in Dubai. We are waiting for news on the next shoot of the Marseillais! Postponed or not?


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