Jessica Thivenin is happy to have Maylone set foot!


Jessica Thivenin shares an adorable moment with her son on Instagram. Maylone and her mom are having fun like crazy!

Jessica Thivenin and Maylone never leave each other for a single week. On Instagram, the star of social networks then shares an adorable moment of tenderness and laughter with her son!

Very active on social networks, Jessica Thivenin makes her millions of fans happy. And for good reason !

Every day, the very famous reality TV candidate reveals her daily life and thus invites Internet users to share her crazy adventures.

With her, they don’t have time to be bored. They are moreover nearly 6 million to follow his activity with the greatest attention on Instagram.

Yes, you did hear! And to the delight of the latter, Jessica Thivenin has just unveiled a new video on the platform.

She is cracking her subscribers by appearing alongside her son Maylone.


Not long ago, Jessica Thivenin provided her Instagram feed with a brand new and unpublished post. And his fans rejoice!

In a time-lapse video, we see little Maylone trudging on his mother. They seem to be having a lot of fun!

Touched by this beautiful moment of sharing and tenderness, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post. Difficult to resist!

“He can’t do without his mother, it’s so sweet”, “So cute, you two are beautiful”, “Too much happiness, love it! “.

You will no doubt understand, Jessica Thivenin and her son once again won their fans over! We let you take a look at the new Instagram post of the social media star.


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