Jessica Thivenin in the Marseillais Nin squad?


While she participated in the Marseillais vs the rest of the World, the fans wonder if Jessica Thivenin will be in the next season!

Since becoming pregnant, Jessica Thivenin has had to take a break from her reality TV career (Les Marseillais). Indeed, she had to stay in bed for months because of her risky pregnancy.

Once Jessica Thivenin’s son was born, the pretty blonde had to face some big worries. Indeed, doctors operated on Maylone urgently from birth. Now the latter is doing well.

Her parents therefore returned to television. This year, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia participated in the Marseillais vs. the rest of the world 5. For weeks, the young woman found her friends. And the reality TV vibe.

Far from her son, the young woman still seemed to have great moments of nostalgia. But she stayed throughout the shoot. For the new season of the Marseillais, the fans wonder if the beautiful will be present.


This weekend, Stéphanie Durant posted a new photo on her Instagram account. At the request of her fans, she unveiled pictures with her relatives. Like for example Jessica Thivenin.

Theo’s darling therefore unveiled a moment of nostalgia with her friend. On his shot, the two took the pose very complicit and with their most beautiful smile. Since Stéphanie has been in Dubai, she is once again very close to Jessica.

Fans are therefore wondering if the reality TV candidate will participate in the Marseillais with her former best friend. It must be said that they have formed a truly incredible duo for years.

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Unfortunately, Stéphanie Durant has decided to quit reality TV. She now seems very happy in her life with Theo. But fans are still hoping she will make a comeback with Maylone’s mom this year!


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