Jessica Thivenin: Her son Maylone has whims!


On social networks, Jessica Thivenin confides very often about her son Maylone. This Sunday, August 23, she revealed that the latter was capricious from time to time.

Jessica Thivenin explained to her fans that Maylone couldn’t stand being alone in her park. She made several confidences to her fans on the subject.

On her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin told her fans: “Here it is, it chouine. I have a problem with my son. He has a park, a great park where he seldom is. I just put it 5 minutes ago ”.

The pretty mom also added: “There is always someone with him in his playpen, my father, my mother, Thibault. There is always someone with him in the park. So as soon as you leave him alone now, he moans. ”


Finally, Jessica Thivenin also explained: “If I go with him, he will stop bitching. But if he’s all alone, he’s not happy. I’m going to teach him to play in his playpen on his own without us being with him. ”

The young woman also showed her fans that when she went to the park with him, he no longer cried. Her son is happy, and plays with his mom. However, once he’s all alone, he cries.

The reality TV contestant explained that he couldn’t stand being very alone. Little by little, she teaches him to play like a big boy in his park. But Maylone really seems to decide not to be left alone.

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Her son still needs a presence. Thibault Garcia’s sweetheart also revealed that she is trying to remedy this little problem!


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