Jessica Thivenin: her haters think her dogs are unhappy!


Jessica Thivenin is accused of not taking care of her dogs. The star therefore pushed a rant to clear things up!

Jessica Thivenin is still in the midst of a bad buzz! Indeed, his haters blame him for not taking care of his dogs! The star therefore pushed a rant on Snapchat. And it’s pretty cash!

Jessica Thivenin shares her whole life on social networks. Indeed, the pretty blonde loves filming her daily life to stay in touch with her fans.

However, the star is not always unanimous among Internet users. And some of her haters don’t hesitate to clash her at the slightest misstep!

For several days, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault have received many comments about their 2 dogs. Indeed, some tweeters believe that the couple are not taking enough care of Guizmo and June.

Young parents then received a wave of criticism on the web. And the duo thus found themselves at the heart of a big controversy.

Jessica Thivenin therefore wanted to clear things up with her detractors. The young woman gave a violent rant on her Snapchat account. And the least we can say is that she doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket!


The it girl said: “I think my dogs are very happy. The house is big and they have space. In the garden, they can run. They have the whole house to go around ”.

Jessica Thivenin goes on and explains. “Twice a week, they go to a colony where there are lots of dogs.

“It’s a place where you can wash them, cut their nails. I think life is worse than a dog.” The message is therefore clear!

The message is therefore clear! Jessica Thivenin adores her two companions. And the star refuses such a bad buzz on the web! So, will the haters react to his explanations? Case to follow!