Jessica Thivenin happy to be on the set of the Marseillais!


Very happy with her first day of filming “Marseillais in Dubai”, the beautiful Jessica Thivenin gave her news to her fans!

It’s no secret that this year Jessica Thivenin is part of the cast of the Marseillais in Dubai! Via her Snap Chat story, the beautiful blonde even took stock of her first day of shooting!

Via her Snap Chat story, the beautiful Jessica Thivenin wanted to give her news to her many subscribers! ” Hi everyone ! We disappeared today because here we are, filming in the Marseillais! ”

“Everything is going well, we met the new guys today so it was a great day! »Said the beautiful Jessica. “There are already plenty of stories! As you know, it’s the first day so a lot is going to happen! ”

“Of course, I can’t tell you or tell you who the new ones are! »Jessica Thivenin said. “In any case, we had some nice surprises! Here, for my part, I am very happy with the new ones, they are great! ”


A few days before leaving for the shoot, Jessica Thivenin posted a sublime photo of herself and her darling on Instagram! Indeed, on the shot in question, the beautiful blonde tenderly embraced her darling, while the two lovers showed a broad smile!

A post that Maylone’s mom captioned: “Little Sunday selfie One more year by your side ❤️ even if sometimes you get me drunk I love you too much anyway! ”

A post that Internet users have loved! Indeed, the publication of the beautiful Jessica Thivenin already has more than 380,000 likes on the social network … A real record!

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