Jessica Thivenin happy: “I passed a milestone”


Jessica Thivenin happy: “I passed a milestone”!

On Snapchat, Jessica Thivenin appeared happy. Indeed, the pretty blonde has just passed a “cap” and let her fans know

By becoming parents, our life changes. Fat mornings are over, at least until our child grows up. Eh the exits are also restricted. This is why, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia decided to treat themselves to an evening with their friends . Because these are rare now. But after coming back, the young woman said that she had passed a course and that she was happy.

Because, as we told you, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia no longer go out as before. They now have to take care of their children and are very happy. But because Julien Tanti was in Dubai, the couple decided to go to a nightclub with him . And find their friends Stéphanie, Benji and the rest of the gang.

Jessica Thivenin said she had a good evening. But these kinds of “nights” no longer seem suitable for her from what she has made known on Snapchat.


Several hours after her evening, once her “coma” ended, Jessica Thivenin gave news on her social networks. Eh as we indicated it to you, it thus made known that the exits were not any more “of its age” . Indeed, the young mother explains:

“I love my current life. Get up at 8 a.m., take care of my son. I love this life too much. I don’t like the life of outings. Frankly, I would feel more like having a young life, it is no longer for me . This is where I realize that I have reached a milestone. I prefer to have to go to bed early, like midnight max or 1 am. But I prefer to get up early and have a day life . ”

We fully understand Jessica Thivenin and are proud that she prefers to take care of her child , rather than going out. Some moms should follow suit.


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