Jessica Thivenin had to remove the Christmas tree!


Jessica Thivenin is very disappointed to remove her tree! It is therefore with sadness that she removed him from her house!

In this first week of January, Jessica Thivenin had to remove her Christmas tree! She is disgusted!

For Christmas, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have decided to decorate their Christmas tree in Dubai. Something that pleased little Maylone.

So much so that he couldn’t help but touch it! And that really annoyed his mother. Jessica Thivenin had therefore declared on Snapchat: “I decided to change the whole color of my tree. ”

“So I am buying balls and decorations. And I change everything! I like decorations and bowls too much. It’s so beautiful, it’s beautiful. ”

“But Maylone is going to blow my mind. So I will have to make a perimeter. We will teach him! My mom used to tell me that when I was little, I never touched it. So I’ll try to do the same with my son. So we’re going to teach him. ”

Imagine that Maylone has learned well not to touch the tree! He even learned to love her. But unfortunately, he cannot be present all year round in the living room.


Today, Jessica Thivenin has therefore decided to withdraw it. She said on her Snapchat account, “Here we go! So we remove the tree, I’m too sad! ”

” See you next year ! Good bah here, everything is dismantled! There is nothing, the toilet the same, there is nothing. But we have too many Christmas things. ”

Jessica Thivenin took more pleasure in removing the decorations than putting them on: “I also just found out that it’s faster to take them off than to put them on. ”

“Next year I’m going to change it and take the built-in garland, because it’s much faster! There I had too much trouble. So here we are, we will wait a year! “


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