Jessica Thivenin goes wild about Maylone’s schooling!


Too much is too much for Jessica Thivenin. Maylone’s mother has stepped up to the plate, because she is fed up with the mention of her son’s education.

” Stop Please ! Just a few hours ago, Jessica Thivenin took to her Snapchat account to set the record straight.

It’s been a few weeks since the people who follow her have been thinking about her little Maylone. Indeed, the latter gave advice to the young woman who does not pass.

The pretty blonde, who gives news of her son, is fed up with being told that her boy is not in school, but in nursery. She therefore decided to dot the “i’s” in her latest Stories.

“For all the people who tell me ‘stop saying the word school, your son is going to nursery, it’s not school’, for me, as long as there is a teacher, a room and a class is a school, ”she said, very upset.


Thibault Garcia’s wife can’t stand her fans taking her back. “I’m going to keep using the word school whether you’re happy or not. I’m not doing it on purpose, but it doesn’t help, ”she continued, annoyed.

The reality TV contestant told her fans that she didn’t go to nursery when she was little. This would explain why she cannot conceive of her son going to Dubai every day.

Regardless, Jessica’s baby seems to be enjoying his days at the nursery more and more. “I went to see him earlier and was told he hadn’t even cried. Nothing, “said the young woman on Snapchat.

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The one-year-old baby will still have to wait before he can go back to school, then. In the meantime, the young woman wants her baby to be stimulated, which is why she takes her to nursery, not to school.


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