Jessica Thivenin gets mad at her dermatologist!


Very angry with her dermatologist, Jessica Thivenin protests against her. In her stories, the candidate of Les Marseillais la clashe.

In the story of her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) attacked her dermatologist. She blames him for her incompetence!

To be perfect, again and again. For many years, Jessica Thivenin has not hesitated to use cosmetic surgery to achieve the body of her dreams.

Recently, Thibault Garcia’s wife succumbed to a new operation to increase her buttocks. Indeed, the young woman dreamed of having a well rounded butt.

Since then, Maylone’s mother has been living on her own. The criticisms, she wipes them without worry. Her new figure suits her perfectly, and that’s the main thing.

However, Jessica Thivenin is not yet at the top. And for good reason, the pretty blonde suffers from a few small buttons since the birth of her boutchou.

So the latter sees a dermatologist so that she can write off all her imperfections. But we must believe that the skills of this doctor are not enough.

Thus, the one who became known in the program Les Marseillais, broadcast on W9, has just had a rant in the story of her Snapchat account.


Indeed, Jessica Thivenin does not manage to hide her anger. According to her, the dermatologist did not do her job!

“She gave me a cream (…) Not even, she looked good. It strained me too much. So if I had known I would have stayed home, ”she explained.

Then she continued, “It was no use because in the end I took off my mask for a second and it was the end of the world. She looked at me, but from two and a half meters … ”

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” Whatever ! I’m going to go home. If I had known, I would not have wasted two hours of my life, “protests Jessica Thivenin. In short, she wasted time and money.


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