Jessica Thivenin gets a new piercing and reveals the result!


Lately, Jessica Thivenin wanted to redo a piercing! And you will see, the influencer was overwhelmed by the result.

As usual, Jessica Thivenin shares everything with her subscribers. Facing the camera, she said she wanted to get a new piercing. Via her Instagram account, the star has also shared the incredible result.

To date, who does not know Jessica Thivenin ?! A key figure in reality TV, she is one of the most popular influencers around.

In Dubai, the pretty blonde multiplies the projects. Without forgetting the partnerships with the biggest labels. Like you, the young mother is also very addicted to her social networks.

Whenever she can, the influencer immortalizes her daily life alongside her darling Thibault Garcia and their little Maylone. And obviously, everything is rolling for them. In any case, their happiness is a pleasure to see!

Adjusting to their son’s nursery is going quite well. And in the absence of the latter, the couple take the opportunity to recharge the batteries.

A few hours ago during a shopping session, Jessica Thivenin revealed her latest desire to her subscribers. That of getting a few ear piercings again. But also to change his jewelry. And the result is quite successful!


“Well here we go, I have warmed up and I will do my third hole again. I say redo because I have done it 3 or 4 times since I was 14 years old, ”Jessica Thivenin said a few minutes before realizing it.

And to clarify amused: “So I’m starting to get fed up with it getting stuck again, but too bad I’m ready to breathe again”.

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Lately, the pretty blonde had to remove some of her piercings to perform her recent cosmetic surgery operation. And obviously some are plugged fairly quickly.

In any case, Maylone’s mother seems totally won over by her new jewelry. And she even took the opportunity to get a new and – third – right ear piercing.

“Frankly this side I didn’t hurt at all. But not at all, ”said Jessica Thivenin, explaining that it was a little more complicated to achieve for her left ear. “I love this place I can put diamonds everywhere (…)! “. So, conquered ?!


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