Jessica Thivenin displays her husband Thibault Garcia!


The star of the Marseillais often shares her daily life. Today Jessica Thivenin makes fun of her husband Thibaut Garcia on her Snap.

The Marseillais family is often talked about. Today, it’s Jessica Thivenin who shakes the web. She then makes fun of her husband Thibault Garcia.

The famous Marseillais make a lot of buzz. And for good reason, the new season in Dubai has just been broadcast. What to delight the fans then.

Thus, viewers were able to discover their favorite candidates in a new adventure. And this season promises to be very rich in twists and turns.

In fact, this is what various members of the family had announced. So, the fans should be very surprised. Season 10 will therefore be explosive.

Indeed, Julien is back with his problem book. But that’s not all. Jessica Thivenin looks better than ever. Eh yes !

Even if the young woman will announce her second pregnancy in the Marseillais, she will not forget the problems.

Thus, it seems that a big argument will break out between the young woman and Manon Tanti. And knowing the two candidates, this clash should be huge. It must be said that the Marseillais never do things by halves.

Maylone’s mom is renowned for her outspokenness. On the set or on the Internet, the pretty blonde does not hesitate to say what she thinks. Now she makes fun of her husband.

Jessica Thivenin (Les Marseillais) shows her husband Thibault Garcia!


Since her first participation in the Marseillais, Jessica Thivenin has enjoyed great notoriety. Besides, she never has her tongue in her pocket. Thus, she often waves the Web.

On her social networks, Thibault Garcia’s wife shares her life. Between her daily life as a mother and her life as a star, her fans are therefore served.

Today, she speaks on Snap and laughs at her husband. And for good reason, it seems that the young dad had a little accident.

The star of the Marseillais therefore declares: “I must share this with you. It’s gross I don’t care. This morning I get up I go to the toilet, and there I walk in the wet. And here is my darling peed on the floor. ”

She then adds: “Like men, they don’t know how to pee in a toilet. I do not understand. Look at his response. Jessica Thivenin then shares a screenshot of her conversation with her husband.

The beautiful brunette is therefore justified: “It happens to me once a year, that’s what being calibrated. This answer made her darling laugh a lot. Moreover, he tries to make believe that this small accident is that of his dog June.

She explains, “I don’t know if what makes me laugh the most is that he clearly assumes or that he wanted to accuse June.”

The favorite of the Marseillais should soon tell a new misadventure. To be continued.


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