Jessica Thivenin describes Maylone complicated Christmas


Jessica Thivenin talked about her first Christmas with Maylone last year! As much to say to you that she is happy that her son has grown up!

Jessica Thivenin has arrived in France for Christmas! So she remembered last year with Maylone!

The beautiful blonde loves her life in Dubai! Indeed, with her little family, she lives a daydream!

However, for the holidays, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia decided to come back to France… They found that super important!

At the same time, what could be better than being with the whole family for Christmas?

The Garcia family has therefore taken the direction of Marseille for a few weeks… It will do them good to move a little…

Especially now, Maylone has grown up. Thus, the little boy can do more activities with his parents without them being constantly behind him …

This is what Jessica Thivenin explained on Snapchat! Indeed, the young mother did a retrospective of her last Christmas …


The beautiful blonde is so happy to find her family! Indeed, the mothers of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia can take care of Maylone without any problem!

Especially since the little boy no longer has health concerns! A big relief for his parents …

Indeed, the baby’s first months were rather complicated… So, last Christmas, Jessica Thivenin could not enjoy!

So she confided to her fans that she was too happy that Maylone had grown up because she could really enjoy her evening… Very happy, she said, “It’s not the same baby anymore! He’s even a little boy. I hadn’t had a good Christmas last year … I spent the evening in the bedroom … ”

This year, the Garcia couple will really enjoy a family Christmas… It will be much more relaxing for them!

They deserve it !


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