Jessica Thivenin: Crazy evening with Stéphanie Durant!


Jessica Thivenin loved her evening! Indeed, yesterday, she joined her friends, including Stéphanie Durant, in a Dubai club …

Big night yesterday in Dubai! Jessica Thivenin loved this great moment with Stéphanie Durant.
The pretty mom often tells us in the story, she needs to go out! Indeed, as she has confided to us on several occasions, it is important for her to spend time alone with her darling or her friends!

Thus, a few evenings in the week, Jessica Thivenin leaves her little Maylone at bedtime supervised by a babysitter! The beautiful takes the opportunity to have crazy evenings!

Last week, she and her husband chose a new restaurant for their tête-à-tête! Super romantic!

She also sometimes takes her son with her. Indeed, during the yacht trip, Maylone was there!

Thus, the little boy could befriend Tiago Tanti! Something to delight Jessica Thivenin and Julien!


Yesterday anyway, Jessica Thivenin had reserved her evening with her friends! Thus, we were able to see her in charming company!

Indeed, there was Benji Samat, Maddy Garcia and especially the couple with whom she spends the most time: the Soggiu! Between this couple and the Garcias, it’s crazy love!

Now even Thibault and Théo spend their whole life together. Something to delight Jessica Thivenin and Stéphanie who can have moments with girls! Very cool !

The fact that all four of them live in Dubai signals the great return of the friendship between the two Marseillaises! The fans are thrilled!

Indeed, in Les Marseillais, their duo was a hit! We love them, don’t you?

Anyway, they all had a great evening. Maylone’s mom even said in a story: “It was something yesterday, we were laughing! “


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