Jessica Thivenin can no longer stand her friend Djamel!


Upon her return to France, Jessica Thivenin made a point of visiting her best friend, Djamel. And it is not easy!

Jessica Thivenin has put down her suitcases in France. She took the opportunity to receive her best friend, Djamel! However, everything does not seem to go as agreed.

As you know, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia now live in Dubai. Mother of a one year old Maylone and married to her sweetheart, she left her paradise town to spend the holidays with her loved ones in France.

After a dizzying trip, the little family landed in the country with the tricolors, at the end of last week.

Jessica Thivenin had planned this little getaway for a few months. Moreover, the young woman will surely take the opportunity to celebrate her 31 years.

Yesterday, the pretty blonde wanted to speak on Snapchat! In this story, she confides with an open heart, starting by thanking the people who have been following her for all this time.


If you’ve been following Jessica Thivenin on social media for a long time, you’ve already met Djamel, her best friend. Thus, the young woman was able to find him, in France, just before the family holidays.

However, the young woman confides that she cannot stand it anymore. In the Story of her Snapchat account, Jessica Thivenin says: “Well, for those who do not know Djamel, if you are newcomers … If you are old, you know very well, because I have received tons of messages.” too happy there’s Djamel! ‘He’s my hyperactive, hyper-tiring best friend! Which is to say, I’m so happy to see it. But after two days, we are dead, we are not following. (…) We laugh of course, because he makes us run and he makes you laugh a lot too. (…) he’s been my best friend for 10 years and he’s getting crazier and crazier! “.

In any case, we wish them to make the most of it!


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