Jessica Thivenin, back to school look


On Saturday September 4, 2020, the beautiful Jessica Thivenin published a snapshot that Internet users loved! Indeed, they have all validated the look of the reality TV candidate!

And for good reason, in the photo in question, the darling of Thibault Garcia is wearing jeans, a pair of sneakers, a black t-shirt and a Christian Dior handbag! A simple outfit that conquered its subscribers!

Indeed, in the space of a few hours, the publication in question has already accumulated more than 200,000 likes! A real record for the beautiful Jessica Thivenin!


Like every publication of Jessica Thivenin on Instagram, Internet users reacted en masse to the last photo of the beautiful blonde! Especially since the latter are shown very enthusiastic in the comments!

MCE TV therefore invites you to discover some internet user comments! They are all more adorable than the others! “I’m a fan of your look, it’s young, fresh and simple! “” Too beautiful, as usual! ”

Other netizens reacted to Jessica Thivenin’s caption, “So how was the first week back to school?” Have a nice weekend. ”

“My return to school is going really well Jessica, big kiss, I love you in Marseille”, “It’s difficult to return to school, luckily there are Marseille people on TV at the moment, it’s catching up”, “6 months vacation … So obviously, the recovery was difficult! ”

Can we read on the social network of the young woman! We invite you to admire the look of Jessica below!

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