Jessica Thivenin at the bottom of the tree with Maylone!


Jessica Thivenin caused a sensation on Instagram by revealing an adorable photo of her little family on the occasion of Christmas Eve!

For Christmas, Jessica Thivenin has just posted several pictures of herself with her family on Instagram! They took the pose at the foot of the tree!

As a good influencer who respects herself, Thursday, December 24, 2020, Jessica Thivenin wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to her many subscribers on Instagram! So, to do so, the young woman posted no less than two photos of herself and her family!

Jesssica, Thivbault Garcia and their son Maylone therefore posed at the foot of the Christmas tree in the house! A post that the beautiful blonde has therefore captioned: “Happy Christmas Eve everyone, enjoy your loved ones. ”

A little message that was able to please its subscribers! Indeed, Jessica Thivenin’s post already has more than 290,000 likes on the social network… A real record for the young woman of 30!


Yesterday, via her Instagram story, Jessica Thivenin had said more about her program for New Years Eve and Christmas: “we bring everyone together, everyone comes to the house, my family, that of Thibault and we all have New Years Eve. together ! ”

“Every year, we get to have Christmas Eve together. Jessica had thus clarified. “Everyone sleeps at home and on the 25th, at noon (the next day) we have a little midday New Year’s Eve with my brother-in-law’s wife! ”

Jessica Thivenin had subsequently mentioned her little one: “So it’s going to be cool! In addition, this year, Maylone is big so we can enjoy more! Well, he’ll go to bed at the same time anyway, he’ll be in bed at 8 p.m. ”

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“Santa Claus will be over tomorrow so he’ll open all his presents!” Anyway, it’s so good I love Christmas! I love this moment everyone gets together: we eat well, we laugh, we party … It’s so good! A nice conclusion!


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