Jessica Thivenin answers pregnancy rumors!


In Story of her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin shared videos where she emerged from the silence about pregnancy rumors!

This Thursday, December 31, Jessica Thivenin shared two photos on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that they created a buzz. The reason ? Some believe that she has started a new pregnancy.

It must be said that in her photos, Jessica Thivenin appears with a fairly loose green dress. His fans then confided: “On the 1st photo I said to myself you’re pregnant. »But also« It looks like jessica is pregnant in the 1st photo ».

This Friday, January 1, Jessica Thivenin then spoke on social networks. She decided to come out of the silence and respond to rumors about an alleged pregnancy.

In Story on her Instagram account, the young woman told her fans: “I saw on my photo everyone marked ‘you are pregnant’. No no, I assure you, yesterday I drank champagne. I had a drink, I had a party “.


Jessica Thivenin also added: “So no, I’m not pregnant. Probably the dress did that, so I don’t know. But no, I am not pregnant, I can assure you. No symptoms of pregnant woman ”

The young woman has also revealed a clue that proves that she is not at all pregnant. Indeed, she revealed: “I got my period over Christmas. Everything is fine, don’t worry ”.

So it’s not for now that Marlon is going to have a little brother or a little sister. On the other hand, the reality TV candidate and her darling are really thinking of having another baby in the following months, for 2021 or for later.

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For now, Marlon’s mom and husband Thibault Garcia are letting it go. But one thing’s for sure, the couple’s fans can’t wait for them to expand their family. It will take patience. To be continued!


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