Jessica Thivenin angry at being accused of child abuse!


Jessica Thivenin gave a big rant on Snap this morning! Indeed, the beautiful blonde was accused of mistreatment of her son …

When it comes to her role as a mother, Jessica Thivenin sees red! Indeed, a hater dared to tell her that she was mistreating her son!

In recent months, everything has been better for little Maylone! Eh yes ! The little boy had had a lot of problems at birth …

Thus, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault are finally breathing! So they see their son growing up like all the little ones his age!

Enough to make his parents the happiest in the world! On the networks, the beautiful Marseillaise therefore reveals the evolution of Maylone!

However, this exhibition earned her criticism of the way she brought up her son… And you might as well say that Jessica Thivenin has trouble hearing them!

At the same time, some go much too far… Like this morning for example! Read on!


Last night we saw a restless Maylone! Indeed, the little boy wanted to play with the tree!

However, his mom said no to him several times! Thus, the son of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault began to cry …

A situation that seems rather normal for most people… Except for some haters who preferred to accuse the beautiful blonde of mistreating her son.

Jessica Thivenin then gave a big rant, saying, “This is a joke. It often happens that I get criticized for my role as a mom, it’s people’s passion. On the other hand, the word mistreatment does not get across at all. No but are you okay or what? Do you realize what you are saying? ”

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She went on to justify herself, “You don’t even know my life, you just saw three snaps of my son crying because I told him no to touch the tree. Do you see him crying, am I mistreating him? It’s the thing I love the most in the world. He added: “He had problems of course I agree, but just because he had problems doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give him an education! (…) The word abuse, you are sick anyway! “


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