Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia take a Covid-19 test!


This Friday, August 28, Jessica Thivenin made revelations to her fans. She also said she had to get tested for Covid-19 to be able to return home to Dubai. And the least we can say is that she seemed to be scared.

In a Story on her Instagram account, Jessica Thivenin had confided to her fans: “Tomorrow morning we have an appointment: PCR test again. Cotton swab in the nose is very unpleasant. It’s horrible, it’s something I hate to do. ”

Jessica Thivenin also revealed: “On top of that we’re not going to do one, we’re going to do two to make sure we have the results before the flight so as not to delay it. I am at the end of my life ”

Maylone’s mom also explained, “It’s something I hate to do, it’s nasty.” This Saturday, August 29, the pretty blonde had to go there. She told her fans that she was very stressed.


Jessica Thivenin also explained: “We are going to the Covid test. I try not to think about it. I tell myself we’re just going to the doctor. I don’t want to take a cotton swab to my brain. Frankly it hurts a lot ”.

The reality TV contestant also added, “But hey, I want to go home too. So even if I have to take 10 cotton swabs I’ll go. We arrived, I’m not well. I am at the end of my life ”.

The mom also revealed, “Last time they hurt me. I did it twice. Once he was a man I was in terrible pain. The second time it was a girl, she didn’t hurt me too much. (…) ”

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Finally, the young woman confided: “I passed the 1st I cry myself. It wakes us up well. There we can spend the day. This stuff is also terrible, I swear “.


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