Jessica Thivenin accused her of retouching her photos!

Jessica Thivenin retouches her photos a lot. And its subscribers are fed up. They find it really irrelevant.

At the moment, Jessica Thivenin is taking a lot of criticism. The young mother is currently filming for Les Marseillais in Dubai. This will be the next edition of the show. But his fans criticize him for retouching his photos on Instagram too much.

It must be said that the alterations are not very discreet. We can clearly see that the colors are not the same. Extra-white teeth, added shadows, eyes that stand out much more. In short, we are far from the natural cliché we take on our phone.

Jessica Thivenin took advantage yesterday to spend a day at home after three days of filming. She then posted a small selfie with her darling. But Internet users find that the alterations are far too visible. It has to stop !

Under the publication we can therefore read: “Your touch-ups, you have to stop (…) Too many touch-ups and the eyelashes that cast a shadow on your face, stop !!!!!!! You are beautiful without !!!! (…) Long live the filters (…) It is not natural all that “.


And we cannot prove them wrong! Jessica Thivenin’s photo has many filters. We will see if the young woman wishes to respond to these criticisms. Because yesterday she put things straight on another subject: her son.

Many of her fans criticized Jessica Thivenin for leaving her child alone while she went to shoot the Marseillais. And these remarks a little annoyed the star who justified himself in Instagram story. She explained that her child was with someone he knew well.

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But also as usual, the little boy was with them all the time. So let them take care of it 24 hours a day apart from the annual shoot. In short, at the moment the star is receiving a lot of criticism on her social networks. We are waiting to see if she will respond to them.



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