Jessica Thiva says she’s panicked about getting pregnant


Jessica Thivenin said she was afraid of getting pregnant again … In fact, during her first pregnancy, everything did not go as planned …

The beautiful Jessica Thivenin may have had a daydream since seeing Maylone, but she is afraid of getting pregnant again.

The Garcias make the entire Web dream! Indeed, they live a superb life!

In Dubai, they enjoy the sun, their big villa and their love son! Thus, on a daily basis we can see the little boy evolving!

Something to please all fans of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia … Indeed, no one misses a bit of what they show!

And some are real support for the beautiful blonde… During her first pregnancy, the Marseillaise could count on them to entertain her!

Thus, Jessica Thivenin, who was bedridden, found the time shorter thanks to her subscribers! It’s good to have such a loyal community!


If today little Maylone is doing very well, her beginnings were rather complicated … So we can understand why Jessica Thivenin is afraid of being pregnant again!

She told her networks: “I was bedridden for 4 months, but him all he’s been through. I’m afraid I will go through the same thing again and have other problems, because there have been so many. I can’t even list them all. Bed rest, childbirth, esophageal atresia, 21 days in hospital and then he turned blue and went back to the hospital. This will all stay in my head for the rest of my life and I’m afraid it will happen again. Totally understandable …

The beautiful therefore wants to take her time! However, her fans want to see her with a second baby and Thibault also wants to be a dad again!

In fact, the latter said he wanted a big family … Maybe Jessica Thivenin will get over his fear!


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