Jessica Simpson starred without makeup in Sunkissed Selfie: “Woke up with a feeling of gratitude”


Jessica Simpson is glowing with love! The singer shared a photo without makeup via Instagram along with a special message for Father’s Day.

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Simpson’s skin looked flawless as she looked glam-free in a selfie posted on Monday, June 20. In addition to a fresh face, the 41-year-old fashion designer rocked light beach waves as the sun shone on her in the image. “I just woke up feeling grateful for all the hero dads,” Simpson began in the caption to the post.

“Yesterday was a wonderful Father’s Day dedicated to my personal favorites,” she continued, noting her husband Eric Johnson, her father Joe and Johnson’s father, Stephen. “Each of you created, shaped, shaped and supported us, and it broke my heart, and my smile became very real. I love you all. Children admire, appreciate, love and adore you all. There is no greater gift in the world for our families. I appreciate and honor the gift of fatherhood #BLESSED.”

Simpson and Johnson, 42, got married in 2014. Together they are parents to daughters Maxwell, 10, and Birdie, 3, and son Ace, 8. Like their famous mom, Maxwell and Birdie are little fashionistas. On June 7, the founder of the Jessica Simpson collection posted a cute picture of Maxwell, also known as Maxi Drew, with French braids intertwined with bright blue hair.

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A few days earlier, on June 2, the author of the “Open Book” published a charming photo of Birdie in a tulle dress and rubber boots. “On the hottest day in Los Angeles, she asked for an umbrella,” Simpson said of her baby’s rainbow accessory. Ace tends to imitate his professional football father, often wears sportswear.

Maxwell and Birdie will continue to draw inspiration from their mom, especially after the star of the series “Jerks from Hazzard” officially regained her fashion empire last year.

The Jessica Simpson collection was launched in 2005 and belongs to the Camuto group. But in 2015, in a deal for $117 million, it was sold to Sequential Brand Group Inc. The corporation, which has since declared bankruptcy, did not develop the company, did not have the “resources” to create a website that was “stagnating”. sales,” Simpson told Bloomberg in an interview on January 6.

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“I’m like, ‘Well, where’s the percentage of money you get? Why is my brand not growing?” she said, explaining that the corporation wanted to “blame” her for the lack of growth.

But after Simpson and her mom started creating a website and were successful, they decided to buy out a controlling stake in the company. In November 2021, Simpson’s offer to purchase a controlling stake worth $65 million was approved.

“Patience, passion, perseverance, prayer, throwing balls and “Hail Mary”, remaining humble by grace, have given me back my strength and my name,” Simpson signed an Instagram post in which he shared the story on the cover. “If this girl with a dream could do it, I know anyone can!”