Jessica Simpson Says Her Credit Card was declined Taco Bell “The Other Day”


Jessica Simpson was investing in her brand, and it led to one or two awkward moments.

“I’m emptying my bank account,” the 41—year-old singer told Irresistible on Tuesday, April 19, during an appearance on The Real. “I don’t have a working credit card. It’s not a big deal. I’ll pay in cash. I went to Taco Bell the other day and my card was declined. I have a limited budget, ladies!”

The Open Book author explained that she is currently working on expanding her clothing brand to include lines for boys and men, and when it comes to her business, she is ready to go all-in.

“There’s so much fear associated with money,” the Texas native said. “And I’m the person you’re mad at at the blackjack table. I’ll lay it all out if it’s me hosting the show, because I believe in myself and I know what I can do. And I know that nothing will stop me, and if you try to stop me, I will try my best.”

The Employee of the Month actress, along with her mother Tina Simpson, founded the Jessica Simpson collection in 2005. In November 2021, the duo managed to buy the brand back after it was sold to Sequential Brands Group Inc. in 2015. After Sequential declared bankruptcy in August 2021, the graduate of the newlyweds and her 62-year-old mother were able to regain control of the business.

“The opportunity to take full ownership of my brand is of great importance to me,” Jessica said in an interview with Footwear News in October 2021. “After 16 years of working in business, I feel ready to meet this next exciting stage with open arms. I know there are no limits when my mom, our incredible team and I are completely locked into our customers.”

A month later, the former Fashion Star judge revealed how happy she was to regain ownership of her company after a three-year battle.

“I am really proud to have regained 100% ownership of MY name and my brand,” she wrote on Instagram in November 2021. “It’s been a long way to get to this point. I was told no, that brand ownership is out of the question, that I am not relevant enough, and I will never have 100%. My mom @tinasimpsonofficial and I remained steadfast, patient, determined, brave and STRONG. TODAY we can look back and say that we HAVE OVERCOME ALL CONTRAINDICATIONS. We survived the battle and today we CONFIDENTLY declare victory! The entire Jessica Simpson collection belongs to us!”

At its peak, the annual sales of the Jessica Simpson Collection exceeded $1 billion, but after the sale of Sequential, the company failed. She and her family paid $65 million to buy it back last year.

“I leaked everything to buy him back,” the Blonde with Ambition star told CNBC on Tuesday. “But I am my best investment in myself. I believe in big things. I don’t think anything is impossible.”