Jessica Simpson: It seems to me that I have loved my husband Eric Johnson all my life


Delighted after all these years! Jessica Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson got married almost a decade ago, but still can’t get enough of each other.

The Texas native and former NFL player, 42, got married in July 2014 after four years of dating. The couple have daughters Maxwell, 9, and Birdie, 3, and son Ace, 8.

Simpson recalled how she was shocked by the letter Johnson wrote to her at the very beginning of their relationship. He gave it to her when they were on vacation celebrating her 30th birthday in July 2010, when she had only known him for a month or two.

“He wrote a letter about what love means to him and what an ideal relationship is,” she told us. “And that was when I turned 30! So, that was a long time ago. Eric and I set intentions, and we are very good at making our dreams come true. We are very good at creating a safe environment for each other to be ourselves.”

The parents of three are busier than ever, but they have figured out how to communicate without letting stress get the better of them.

“We rarely quarrel,— the Dukes of Hazzard actress explained to us. “If we do this, then it’s more colloquial speech, and not like, “He’s right or she’s right.” It’s not about winning.”

Simpson noted that her three children “respect” her dates with Johnson, but she still has to deal with the same problems as little-known moms, and in the spring it means allergies.

“My children are constantly suffering from allergies, so it was so easy to cooperate with Flonase,” she explained, adding that the nasal spray was very useful during wildfires in California. “What’s great about Flonase is that they made it for kids, and that way they can play outside and be happy—and they’re not just in video games all day.”

The singer “Irresistible” also struggles with her allergies herself, although she notes that they did not bother her before her first pregnancy.

“I was on tour, constantly touring, always on the road,” she recalled. “As soon as I started living a normal life, allergies started immediately. It’s definitely one of those invisible monsters that we all have to face every day.”