Jessica Simpson explains why she’s so Emotional about Her Weight Loss Journey: “So proud of myself”


Become outspoken. Jessica Simpson has learned over the years to love and accept her body of any size, but she’s still proud of how far she’s come.

The “Take My Breath Away” singer added: “As for me, I’ve done it in all sizes, [and] I just feel like every woman needs to be glorified.”

Simpson, who has often talked about her wellness journey over the years, showed off her successes earlier this month when she shared a bikini selfie while on vacation with her family. (The Texas native shares children Maxwell, 9, Ace, 8, and Birdie, 3, with husband Eric Johnson.)

“I had no idea I was going to wear a bikini. So, it was just, like, at the moment. I brought a pair of bikinis, but I also had one-piece ones. It was my trip,” Simpson recalled Thursday of the images that went viral on social media. “I put on a bikini [and] thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I can wear a bikini.’ It happened.'”

The fashion designer noted in her Instagram post on April 7 that she gained and lost almost 100 pounds three times and “never thought” that she would feel confident in a two-piece suit again.

“I think it’s about setting small goals for yourself, and then eventually the impossible becomes possible,” Simpson told us. “I was so proud of myself, and I was proud of my resilience, no matter what people said. …I think positive comments about [my weight loss journey] is what I’m holding on to, and that’s the reason I posted [the Instagram photo] — so that this person would come and feel better and really work hard. “Because when you work really hard to look and feel the way you do in a very happy moment, especially with your kids, it’s very inspiring and makes me so emotional.”

The “Employee of the Month” actress added: “I was very proud. So I thought: “Here, I’m doing this.”.. My kids are worth the weight gain. I’m just the kind of person who gains a lot of weight [during] pregnancy, but I’ve struggled [with it] all my life, for example, because of what was perfect for me or what I didn’t have. . I really feel [that once] people started [accepting] me more, it made me very confident. It made me feel that everyone deserves praise in any size.”

Despite the fact that she is proud of her current appearance, Simpson is no stranger to applauding online haters who criticized her body.

“Throughout my life, I have been bullied because I had any size – I had a size from 2 to 14,” the designer of the Jessica Simpson collection previously told the Australian The Morning Show in February 2020. “Body image was difficult, especially being so young and trying to fit into pop culture. It all came down to dancing and showing your belly.”

Since then, the author of the “Open Book” has learned to disconnect from the negative, as she strives to be a “positive role model.” While Simpson hopes her actions will inspire her children, she also helps inform allergy sufferers about the impact of climate change.

“I mean, my children suffer a lot from allergies. So partnering with Flonase was so easy,” Simpson explained to us. “It felt so natural to me because we were already using this product, living in Los Angeles with wildfires, climate change [and] all of that. Pollen is crazy. Many people think they are sick, but in fact it is an allergy. So, I wanted to draw attention to this and [wanted people to] know that your kids can [use Flonase nasal spray]. And I think what’s great about Flonase is that they made it for kids, and that way they can play outside and be happy.”