Jessica Jones Star David Tennant on Whether The Purple Man Will Return to the MCU


Jessica Jones star David Tennant, known for playing Kilgrave, also known as the Purple Man, has shed light on the potential future of the MCU character. Many fans have become attached to the character of the first season of Jessica Jones.

Recently, there have been several characters from the cancelled Marvel series from Netflix who have officially moved to the MCU. During his speech at the recent Fan Expo in Boston, Tennant noted that there may be some problems with bringing the Purple Man to the MCU, but maybe it’s not impossible.

Daredevil gets a new series on Disney Plus, and there are rumors about the return of other small-screen heroes. Thanks to a fan question during the panel, fans now have an idea if Kilgrave has a chance to return. When a fan asked Tennant if the Jessica Jones Kilgrave could return thanks to the MCU multiverse, the actor said he thought it would be difficult, given how specific Kilgrave’s character is. Hover, he also noted that he would be happy to see how “talented” writers from Marvel “try.”

Jessica Jones followed the main character as she was pursued by Kilgrave, also known in the comics as the Purple Man. The dynamics between the two characters really pleased the fans, and also beat the theme of hunter and prey. Kilgrave’s predatory antics against Jones were resolved as soon as fans saw how Jessica was able to turn the tables against the attacker.

Tennant’s interest in returning never ends, but it certainly helps. It’s nice to see that the actors only want to come back as long as it serves the character well. The problems that can easily arise from the return of these heroes or villains are that they end up being too hospitable, which should be avoided at all costs if Marvel Studios has any hope of correcting the situation for its long-term goal of strengthening its cinematic legacy.

With the introduction of the multiverse, Marvel Studios now have the option to bring back any character they want, or remake the character if they want. Kilgrave may return one day in the future from another universe, or they may just completely reboot the character for the movies. Right now, it’s unclear how many Marvel series on Netflix will retain their stories when they are embedded in the larger picture of the MCU world.

Jessica Jones is now available on Disney Plus.


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