Jessica Jones, played by Kristen Ritter, is the Only Defender the MCU Can’t Bring Back


Getting Kristen Ritter to reprise her role from “Jessica Jones” and “The Defenders” in the Marvel cinematic universe, even though it seems inevitable, would be a bad idea. As the MCU begins to tap into its Netflix back catalogue of characters, it’s almost certain that a sarcastic beer-drinking superhero will appear either in a movie or on television. While the re-introduction of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home proved that The Defenders could be successfully transferred to the wider MCU, Disney should avoid bringing Jessica Jones back.

It was brilliant to choose Kristen Ritter for the role of Jessica Jones. The actress fully embodied the wit and ironic humor of the heroine, and for three seasons the show presented the story of Jessica Jones from beginning to end. Netflix split from Disney before the 3rd season of “Jessica Jones,” and the show’s organizers knew that this could be the last outing for the vigilante and the last opportunity to fill in the gaps in Jessica’s story. The same cannot be said about other Defenders. Luke Cage has not yet settled into his role as a crime boss in Harlem, Danny Rand’s path to understanding the Iron Fist has not yet been completed, and Matt Murdoch has one more story to tell. Of the group, Daredevil is the only character with a clear MCU future, with his No Way Home cameo and a Disney+ reboot in development, but he probably won’t be the last.

Jessica Jones can’t be brought back to the MCU because her storyline has come full circle. In the ever-crowded Marvel universe, it’s unlikely that Kristen Ritter will be given the opportunity to add something new. While it was clear that Jessica Jones was ready for the end, that didn’t happen when Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage wrapped up their final seasons. The door was open for more, and it was clear that there should be more. Kristen Ritter herself said (via Collider): “We really have to make sure that we complete her storyline and complete her journey in a way that’s very similar to Jessica.”

When Jessica Jones was first introduced, she was haunted by the time she spent under the control of Kilgrave (David Tennant). In the first season of Jessica Jones, she killed him by getting rid of one demon and ticking the first of many squares, culminating in the completed character arch. By the end of season 3, Jessica had to face difficulties to uncover the origin of her abilities and defeat all her seasonal enemies. There were very few questions left to answer, and it’s hard to argue that Jessica would need to be reintroduced in any future project other than a cameo. By comparison, Daredevil still has a Bullseye waiting in the wings, and Iron Fist seems ready to introduce Orson Randall as the show’s next villain. Other Defenders still have battles to fight, and re-presenting them is not only correct, but also necessary.

Jessica Jones was a psychological character study complete with not one, but two complex and compelling villains: Kilgrave and Patricia “Trish” Walker. She has dealt with her past, family trauma and the breakdown of her relationship with Trish. The audience does not need to know what will happen next. On the other hand, Luke Cage needs to prove that he will not become a criminal after inheriting Harlem Paradise, Iron First needs to explain his double Iron Fists, and Daredevil just fit into the MCU because of the legal necessity of Spider-Man. Although there is still a place for adventures; With the exception of a brand new season or the return of the Defenders, Jessica Jones cannot be brought back for a short cameo role or an abbreviated role. It would do her a disservice and could damage the tremendous work done to develop her character.