Jessica Jones is Marvel’s new Captain America.


Warning! Spoilers for “Option #1” from Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has introduced a brand new version of Jessica Jones, who became Captain America with her own shield. In The Variations #1, the terrible day gets even stranger when Jones meets a woman who seems to be her version, and another Jessica who claims to be Captain America. The Jones version of the Multiverse makes a pretty noticeable entrance, showing off her shield skills by introducing herself to a confused hero.

Jessica Jones has changed a lot during her time in the Marvel universe. Originally known as the hero Jewel, who possesses superhuman strength and invulnerability, Jones became a private investigator, preferring to solve complex cases and use her abilities to help when needed. She is married to Luke Cage and has a daughter with another hero defender named Danielle. She recently assisted Daredevil at the Devil’s Reign event, helping Cage become the new mayor of New York. Variants from Marvel comics explore Jones in a different way, as the Gail Simon, Phil Noto and Cory Petit series will introduce new versions of the popular character from across the Multiverse, starting with Captain America.

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In The Variations #1 from Marvel Comics, Jessica Jones struggles with a migraine, passing out on the street, and Daredevil helps her get back on her feet. Between fighting a mobster group threatening her local coffee shop and appearing at the trial of a woman who murdered her family under the influence of Killgrave, Jones had a rough day. It doesn’t get any easier when a woman says that the villain has set a trap in her brain, and suggests that Jessica may have the same problem. However, before she even has time to react, Jones returns home and finds his version standing in his daughter’s room. After a skirmish, the shield knocks them both to the ground, as another option appears to Jessica Jones, who claims to be Captain America.

Although it’s not explained how the options arrived at her door, Jessica Jones admits she’s in crisis—which is a perfectly fair reaction, given her blackouts, and two versions of herself somehow broke into her house. The Captain America variant has a shield similar to the version from Earth-616, but chooses a T-shirt, leather jacket and more tactical knee pads, gloves and belt. Jessica Jones’ cap looks great.

For Jessica, the situation won’t get any less confusing. While she’s faced with two options, including Captain America armed with a shield that appears at the end of the issue, Options #2 may feature an antihero meeting a version of the Hulk, as the final tagline teases “green muscles.” next. So, the question remains, why are there options, and what does Captain America want from Jessica Jones? And does she have anything to do with her recent power outages? Or, even worse, is Killgrave involved? Readers will find out more soon, as Marvel Comics’ “Options #1” has already gone on sale in comic book stores.