Jessica Jones and Daredevil’s teasing romance has taken a tragic turn


Warning! Spoilers for The Variants # 1 from Marvel Comics

Marvel comics attracted worldwide attention after the publication of the cover of “Options”, in which Daredevil and Jessica Jones kiss while traveling through Hell’s Kitchen. However, the novel turns out to be not what it seems, and has a much more tragic meaning than initially assumed. In The Variations #2, a variant of Jessica Jones, who seems to have lost her version of Daredevil, is rejected by the hero of Earth-616, who does not understand why she is kissing him.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones have been teammates several times, as both street heroes work well together despite their conflicting personalities. Along with her husband Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Jones teamed up with Daredevil and other Marvel comics characters in different versions of The Defenders. It is best known that Jones, Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil worked together as a team in the Netflix series “Defenders”, where Jessica was played by Kristen Ritter. Now the Jessica Jones version is being teased as a romantic relationship with Matt Murdoch, but this relationship seems to have a tragic backstory.

In Options #2, Gail Simon, Phil Noto, and Marvel Comics venture capitalist Clayton Coles, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage face two different versions of the antihero, destroying both versions of Jessica. However, it turned out that Daredevil was tracking down the Jones variant, as the hero was worried about her health after previously seeing that Earth-616 had lost consciousness. As soon as she sees Daredevil, she thanks God and tells him to “shut up” so she can “breathe you in.” She then kisses Matt Murdock, telling him how much she missed him.

Daredevil tells Jessica to stop and asks her why she is kissing him. After being rejected, a crying Jones tells him to “leave” before she hurts him. The romance between Matt and Jessica is amazing, as the couple has never had a romantic relationship. However, it seems that the Jessica Jones variant did have an affair with Daredevil on her Land and apparently lost it at some point, as the encounter hints at the tragic nature of their relationship. She can’t help but get overwhelmed with emotion when she sees Murdoch again.

So, no, the main version of Jessica Jones didn’t cheat on Luke Cage, and she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Daredevil. Instead, The Variations #2 hints that one of the main variants of Jones had an affair with Matt Murdock in her reality, but it seems to have ended tragically, which made her meeting with the hero of Earth-616 sad and sadly difficult. Ultimately, Jessica Jones and Daredevil’s romance is not what it initially seemed, even if it evokes a heartbreaking moment.


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