Jessica Chastain Loves Agent 007, But She Has a Different Idea in Mind Than Playing a Bond Girl


In 2021, Jessica Chastain finally won an Oscar for her role in the somewhat uneven biopic “Tammy Faye’s Eyes.” It was her third nod, as she had been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 2012 for “The Servant” and for starring in “Target Number One” the following year. Thus, any project that an Oscar-winning actress might want is quite possible. In a new interview, the actress spoke about her love for Jamie Bond films and that she has an ideal role in mind if she is offered to become part of the future 007 project, and this is not the role of a Bond girl.

The “Molly’s Game” actress appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon to promote her new project “George and Tammy,” a limited biographical series focusing on the life and romance between country musicians George Jones and Tammy Wynette. The late-night host asked Jessica Chastain if it was true that she had expressed interest in playing the Bond villain in the upcoming 007 film. The actress said that in the past she had often been asked in interviews if she was interested in being a Bond girl, which was the pinnacle of success for women at the time. when the actress started in Hollywood. However, it does seem that Chastain would be willing to play the villain. She said:

When I started working in the industry about ten years ago, everyone kept asking me: “Do you want to be a Bond girl?” Because for a woman in the film industry, it was, oh, the pinnacle of success to play a Bond girl. And for myself, I said, “No, I want to be a villain.” For example, I like this idea that Bond is afraid of me. And, so, yes, of course, if someone wants to name me for the role of a Bond villain, I agree.

Although Jessica Chastain would undoubtedly make a fantastic Bond girl, the idea of her role as a villain is much more exciting. Who can blame her for wanting to play the antagonist? Bad guys always enjoy chewing over scenes, and in some cases they are often remembered better than the hero. The 007 Daniel Craig era ended last year with the release of “No Time to Die,” so hopefully while the Wilson and Broccoli family are looking for their new Bond (as Henry Cavill remains at the top of many lists), they’re taking notes on Chastain’s interest in the villainous role.

The “X-Men” graduate would like to play a villain, but there is one role of Agent 007 to which she shows no interest. Jimmy Fallon reminded the actress that Bond producers are still looking for the next 007 agent, and stated that the actress could become the first woman in the role of 007. part. Changing gender in a role is something that, according to Daniel Craig, can work if a person is suitable for the job. The audience of the “Evening Show” burst into applause when the concept of the actress from the second chapter of “It” was presented, who took on the role of the character, but she did not have it. The actress continued:

No. No interest. I may be the only person who has ever said that he is not interested in playing James Bond… I want to torture James Bond! Let me make my dream come true, Jimmy!

Let’s let a woman fulfill her dream! Who knows, maybe one day she will get the role she dreams of and take first place in the CinemaBlend rating of the most effective Bond villains. And if not, we’ll still have a lot of great Jessica Chastain movies to enjoy.

As already mentioned, Jessica Chastain will appear next in Josh Brolin’s upcoming biopic George and Tammy, in which she stars alongside Michael Shannon. If you want to watch the six—part drama, which will be released on December 4, all you need is a Paramount+ subscription.


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