Jessica Chastain Is the Latest Celebrity To Defend Florence Pugh Over Sheer Dress


Being a celebrity is a complicated thing. While you can get money and fame, being in the public eye can be painful from time to time. Midsommar actress Florence Pugh recently felt this firsthand, as many people were outraged online after she wore a transparent pink Valentino dress, because of which her nipples were visible. And after the actress fought off haters on the Internet, Jessica Chastain became the latest celebrity to stand up for Pugh because of the infamous dress.

Florence Pugh made headlines a few days ago after she went out in a pink and pink Valentino dress with the hashtag #freedthenipple. Countless people have spoken out online, and several celebrities have come to the defense of the “Black Widow” actress. First she was Bridgerton’s heartthrob Less often-Jean Page, and now Jessica Chastain has followed her example on her Instagram. She shared Pew’s post in her IG story with her own signature Chastain:

Why is it so scary for some men to realize that women can love our bodies without your permission? We don’t belong to you.

Here it is. The recent Oscar winner turned to the authorities and supported Florence Pugh. This is due to the fact that Pugh has experienced a lot of hate on the Internet because of how she decided to rock this Valentino dress.

This bold image probably made a bigger splash than Florence Pugh expected. Since then, Pugh has seen it all on the internet, as countless people have appreciated her appearance. She appealed to skeptics on the Internet by sharing photos of the image with a long caption about the negative reaction. One passage reads:

It was interesting to observe and witness how easy it is for men to completely destroy a woman’s body, publicly, proudly, for all to see. Do you even do this with your posts and work emails in your bio..? This is not the first time and certainly not the last time a woman hears what’s wrong with her body from a crowd of strangers, what worries is how vulgar some of you men can be. Fortunately, I have come to terms with the complexities of my body that make me myself. I’m happy with all the “flaws” that I couldn’t look at when I was 14.

The glasses were definitely put on. Florence Pugh admits she knew what some people would say when she released her nipple in that Valentino dress, but she was still surprised by how much hate was thrown at her and her body. Nevertheless, Pugh’s words have power and are definitely popular on the web.

As mentioned earlier, the Bridgerton star Jean-Jean Page was one of the celebrities before Jessica Chastain who used their platform to publicly support Florence Pugh. He posted his own response, which states:

Read the headline. Look at you guys. Then take a look at your mates and take a step forward when it’s time to take a step forward. When the boys are out of order, say the word. The weirdest thing about misogyny is that men actually listen to other men, so do your bit, because the next few years in particular will be a really good time to listen and take some responsibility for everyone’s sake.

This is not the first time the Internet has interfered with Florence Pugh’s personal life. Previously, there was a lot of talk about her relationship with Zach Braff and the age difference between the two actors. So, despite the fact that Pugh’s career continues to grow rapidly thanks to upcoming roles such as “Dune: Part Two,” fame tends to be a double-edged sword.

The next time Florence Pugh can be seen together with Harry Styles in the movie “Don’t worry, darling”, which will be released in theaters on September 23. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.