Jessica and Charlotte: their friends are returning!


Charlotte and Jessica met in Koh-Lanta the island of heroes. The two adventurers went on vacation and had a great time.

Jessica and Charlotte met on Heroes Island in Koh-Lanta. The two stars are very close and had a great vacation together in the sun.

Several months ago, TF1 had a huge success with Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. New adventurers like Charlotte, Inès or even Naoil tried to survive several weeks on an island and we had to face the trials of Denis Brogniart.

However, the candidates had to face the heroes: Jessica, Teheiura, Claude and Moussa. These four adventurers were already known to the public as they had starred in other seasons of the TV show. Moreover, they were formidable during the tests.

It was Naoil who won the Koh-Lanta Island of Heroes season and she came away with a nice sum of money. The others left empty-handed, but their stay on the island allowed them to make great encounters. Mouss and Inès have become rather close, for example.

For her part, Charlotte also formed a strong bond during the adventure with Jessica. In fact, even though the show is over, the two women spend a lot of time together.


Charlotte is very happy to have found her little lifestyle after Koh-Lanta. The young woman has changed her look since the end of the show and appears with blonde hair. It looks great on her and Charlotte looks sexy in her beautiful outfits and swimsuits at the beach.

In fact, not long ago, Jessica and Charlotte went on vacation together. The two friends wanted to enjoy the sun and flaunted themselves at the beach. So, in a snapshot, we find them in swimsuits in the water as they watch the sunset.

“End of vacation photo with Charlotte on a beautiful sunset in the open sea,” writes the heroine of Koh-Lanta. Thus, the two friends have made the fans dream with their vacation photos and some are very happy to see them together.

” The most beautiful. You are both beautiful and very beautiful people, ”wrote one fan. “Gorgeous” said another fan. Thus, the two former candidates were unanimous.


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