Jessica admits Thivenin “shouted” in Marseille!


Filming for the Marseillais has just started and Jessica Thivenin is already screaming a lot! She speaks on Snapchat!

The shooting of the Marseillais has started, and Jessica Thivenin is already at the heart of the confusion. She confessed that she screamed a lot!

This year, the new season of the Marseillais started later than expected. So it took place in Dubai because of the health crisis.

And unfortunately, several candidates did not make their entry as planned. This is the case of Manon Marsault who tested positive for covid-19.

As a result, her husband Julien Tanti is also confined. The same goes for Maeva Ghennam who spent the New Year’s Eve with them. A hard blow that she finds it hard to digest.

While waiting in the new villa of the Marseillais, the candidates are already arguing! So said Carla Moreau who no longer had a voice!

Afterwards, Jessica Thivenin also said that she shouted a lot at the start of the adventure. It looks like she’s already stood out on the show.


Then Jessica Thivenin said on her Snapchat account: “As you can hear, my voice is gone, we shout a lot. I can’t tell you the reasons, but there is a lot of shouting in the villa. So my throat hurts too much! ”

Afterwards, Jessica Thivenin said there were already some rich twists and turns: “There’s a lot going on! The adventure is too good, we all get along well even though there are a lot of problems and stories. There are a lot of reconciliations, and a lot of settling too. So that’s too good. ”

Jessica Thivenin did not hesitate to reassure her fans that not all contestants have the covid. “Here at the villa, we go through tests all the time. There is the whole covid protocol. Everything that goes into the villa is disinfected. “


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