Jessi reveals that BTS’s Jungkook is her ideal type


Jungkook of BTS has a long list of followers and lovers around the world, among which are both fans and great celebrities and now, one more star joins the list, this time being nothing more and nothing less than the gorgeous and talented Jessi .

That’s right, Korean-American rapper and songwriter Jessi just revealed that BTS’s Jungkook is her ideal type of guy, sheepishly revealing her crush on the idol. During the last episode of her ‘Showterview’, Jessi was asked about the kind of guy that could make her heart race and she took us by surprise by pointing to BTS’s maknae in her answer.

Jessi expressed the aspects that bring her the most about Jungkook and even talked about her intention to collaborate with him despite the fact that he is a superstar and it seems difficult. The singer stated:

Jungkook is great and has become so manly. […] I would like to have a duet with Jungkook in the future but it’s like… he’s a superstar. You have to think realistically ”.

Following Jessi’s unexpected confession about BTS’s Jungkook as her ideal type and the artist she wishes to collaborate with, the singer became a trend around the world as ARMY praises Jessi herself for BTS and her love for maknae .


On the other hand, Jessi already collaborated in the past with Jungkook and BTS for a SK Telecom commercial in 2016. However, since then BTS’s Jungkook has evolved enormously in all aspects, so Jessi’s attraction must still be. older today. Check out the commercial below:

What do you think of Jessi’s confession about BTS’s Jungkook? Would you like a collaboration between the two?


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