Jesse Williams very committed to the black community!


Jesse Williams is a very committed actor. The young man decided to put his notoriety at the service of the black community!

Jesse Williams has just invested in the Greenwood platform. Indeed, the young man decided to put his notoriety at the service of the Greenwood banking platform. For the black and Latino community.

Indeed, the actor of Grey’s Anatomy continues to put his notoriety to contribution. To help the black community in the United States. And to do this, the artist gets involved. In several associations, therefore.

As a reminder, the young man is a fervent activist. He also did humanitarian work for various associations. Which are close to his heart.

In 2016, he had already received the award of the BET Humanitarian Award, therefore. And in 2019, he received the NAACP Image Award for his various implications.

A few days ago, he therefore announced his contribution for Greenwood. “I am excited to join the Greenwood team. And so worked to make the economy thrive. For people of color, ”he said. On Bounce TV.


Jesse therefore added, “It is time for the black and Latin communities to put their economic power into it. And their influence ”. Words greeted by all.

To do this, the actor will therefore work hand in hand with Greenwood. “We want to speed up access to banking services. And education, ”continued the actor. A very good initiative, which therefore represents the values ​​of Greenwood.

Launched a month ago, more than 200,000 people have already joined the movement initiated by Greenwood, therefore. The digital banking platform is therefore a huge success.

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A few days ago, the actor took part in the advertising campaign that highlights Greenwood. We therefore see him entering a business and paying with his credit card.

The founder expressed how proud he was that Jesse Williams was taking part in this campaign. “Jesse Williams has long been a voice for equality. And the opportunity. We are proud to have him here. And work with him. Thanks to him “.


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