Jesse Williams challenges Kehlani about the drama


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has finally started on ABC television, but while the premiere was taking place, actor Jesse Williams was in a challenge with singer Kehlani to answer questions about the medical drama series.

Popular singer Kehlani hung out with Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams for the final episode of Billboard’s second season of “Quizzed.”

Williams put Kehlani’s knowledge of the long-running ABC medical drama to the test, which returned for season 17 on November 12.

“You better be good!” Jesse Williams.

But Kehlani was also a bit nervous about the challenge, but decided to start with the true and false questions in the first round. Check out the full video here.

Kehlani starts off by answering a bit dubious, but picks up speed when it comes to a question about Grey’s Anatomy’s recognizable song, “‘How to Save a Life” by The Fray.

Very entertaining interview without a doubt, which has the option to activate the subtitles, in case you want to see it in full and find out what happened at the end of the challenge of Jesse Williams and Kehlani, on Grey’s Anatomy.

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