Jesse McCartney: 25 facts about me that you didn’t know (“I’m an amateur Pitmaster”)


Singing through life! Jesse McCartney has been a musical marvel ever since he performed the hits “Beautiful Soul” and “She’s No You”—and he wasn’t going to slow down.

“Performing on stage again was amazing, thanks @MaskedSingerFOX! I can’t wait to do it again next May as part of the New Stage 2022 tour! ❤️ ,” the 35—year-old Summerland graduate, who released his New Stage album earlier this year, wrote on Instagram, announcing his upcoming live concerts in December 2021.

McCartney’s cross-country tour kicks off May 3 in Cincinnati with Jamie Miller and Casey Baer opening. Performances will last until June 25.

The former Dream Street member’s latest chart-topping hits were partly inspired by his wife Kathy Peterson, whom he married in October 2021.

[It] really speaks to what it’s like for me as an artist to grow up in the industry and what it’s like to be in a relationship and be in the industry. I think [it’s] really accessible to people.”

Scroll below to learn more about the pop singer “Better With You”, who shared 25 fun facts with us:

1. My wife and I haven’t gone on our honeymoon yet. We have narrowed the list down to four places: Indonesia, Argentina, Croatia or Greece. We’re all over the map!

2. My favorite songs should be Beatles songs, maybe “Blackbird” or “Here There and Everywhere”.

3. The thing I was most proud of was watching my wife Katie walk down the aisle.

4. As a child, I was a little more quiet and serious. My extroverted nature developed as I got older.

5. Once when I was a child, my parents took me to the cinema to see a movie, but the tickets for it were sold out. Instead, they bought tickets to Ace Ventura Pet Detective, thinking it was a children’s movie. I memorized all the dialogues and told them to my second grade school teachers. The meetings of parents and teachers must have been fun!

6. Social media can be a great tool. However, I also think it limits people’s all-round thinking and writing, especially for our youth. People read 280 characters and suddenly become experts in some topic. It makes a lot of uninformed people, which is frustrating.

7. I love sushi, but there is nothing better than a big cheese pizza and a bottle of red wine.

8. I love dogs!

9. My favorite [way] to spend my free time is to create memories of a new activity or [binge] show.

10. My favorite way of training [is] jumping rope and lifting weights.

11. I am most annoyed when people forget to turn on the turn signal.

12. The passage of time scares me.

13. My wife’s family sells all the flowers at Costco. This inspired me to become better at arranging flowers.

14. My first paid job was at the age of 9, when I performed in the national Broadway touring company The King and I. I was playing the role of Louis.

15. My father forced me to mow the grass with a standing lawn mower on half an acre of land. At 8 years old! He didn’t want show business to go to my head.

16. I remember seeing Billy Joel play at [Madison Square Garden] when I was a kid and thinking: “Someday I’ll do it.”

17. My weakness is baking. I’m like Paul Rudd in “It’s 40” eating a cupcake over a trash can.

18. Now I am absorbing the entire Shark Tank series.

19. [My favorite movie snack] always a big buttered popcorn. But the most interesting thing is that I go to the cinema, which is seven miles further than the nearest one, simply because they have a slime machine.

20. I mostly drink coffee, sometimes tea.

21. I like black licorice.

22. I hate the feeling of sand in my toes.

23. My favorite app is Postmates.

24. The thumb up is my most frequently used smiley face.

25. I am an amateur pitmaster. I can smoke anything in the smoking room.